mackenzie + ryan. the real deal.

bright. radiant. honest. fun. loyal. ecstatic to get married. just a few words to describe these love birds. kenzie was one of my college roommates and is one of my very best gifts! i have had the privilege of watching them pursue each other for three years! i have had a front row seat to their silly jokes, them loving + supporting each other at all times, and their excitement as they got closer and closer to being engaged. helping them capture this exciting season was an absolute dream, and i am so lucky to be team kenzie + ryan.

on this sunny july day we went to the superb studio, walked around a beautiful school of art, stopped at a hole in the wall barbecue place, and skipped through a beautiful field with dreamy light! i mean this shoot was one i'll always remember. taking pictures for beautiful people that i love more than life itself is truly a treasure.